7 of the Best Wine Instagram Accounts to Follow

I don't know about you, but when it comes to the most used app on my phone, it is 110% Instagram.

If you use it, you know why it is so freaking awesome! If you don't use it, trust me when I say you need to.

As a wineo, I'm always looking for fun, beautiful, and informative Instagram profiles. In my growth to just over 3,000 followers on the Cru Instagram (follow me here @crupodcast), I've found some feeds that fill me with joy. You should follow them too and say hey to their iger's!

Here are 7 of the best wine Instagram accounts to follow, in no particular order.

#1 | @BottleThirst

Shot by Julie Tesar & Alyssa T Walker,  Bottle Thirst is a beautiful wine blog sharing everything delicious. Based in sunny Santa Cruz, their pictures will make you want to hop on a plane to Cali & sip vino all day in the vineyard with friends!

#2 | @HillaryZio

Hillary has been on the podcast before (listen here), but her Insta feed is so stunning and informative. She shares bottles from all over the world that you can often order online, or find locally in NY. She also loves traveling. Her trip to Cuba looks stellar!

#3 | @VerveWine

Verve is the new wine shop in NYC by Dustin Wilson MS and friends. Dustin was on the podcast this week, listen here, where we talk about how Verve is using Instagram to truly educate folks like you and me about wine. Their visual tasting notes are a juicy topic around the interwebs as of late. Also, you can currently get 10% off discountable wines from Verve with the code CRUPOD10Yay cheaper wine!!

#4 | @KristaKScruggs

Hands down. Follow Krista. Self described Vermont winegrower progeny & rabble rouser at la garagista farm + winery, her feed & humor do not disappoint. She inspires me to step up my Insta game.

#5 | @YouKnowMouton

This is the feed of André Hueston Mack. Winemaker & designer behind Mouton Noir Wines & Get Fraiche Cru. He not only shares beautiful bottle shots, but documents that hustle of running a wine company. If you need a kick in the pants to start getting shit done, this is your feed.

#6 | @ItsCharlotteWilde & #7 | @Michael_Sager

Six and seven are together because they are what some would consider wine's power couple. Like Olivia Pope, if she was two people, only more dope. Charlotte & Michael own the world renowned wine bars in London called Sager + Wilde. Their self-named Riesling is perfect with the black pudding & black coffee, by the way. Also, their Instagrams are gorgeous. I would consider them both artists as they somehow transplant you to where they're at with their photos. You really get to know places & people. I love this portrait by Michael of Jean-Louis Chave. 

Now you know who to follow.

Commence stepping up your Instagame.

May the Insta Inspiration be ever in your favor.