Daniel Ramos 2015 Kπ Amphorae

For starters, Garnacha is my love language.

For real.

It's like a naturally beautiful woman that is curvy, sexy, you want to samba with her late into the night. Think Brangelina in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Yet all that sex appeal has a mysterious side that you don't know about. She could be an assassin. She's probably carrying a knife, but you'll never know till the time is right for her to strike. She acts innocent while you know damn well she doesn't need anyone to take care of her. She loves the game. Toying with you.

Kπ Amphorae is just that.

Its pale ruby, fresh cranberry juice hue is intriguing to the Garnachafile. Her perfume of ripe, crushed raspberries, black currant, pomegranate, and strawberry catch your olfactories. The deeper you explore her, as you kiss down her neck you find a deepness in her being. She starts to open up to you with this warm, loamy top soil scent mixed with wet grape leaves after a warm, evening summer rain. 

Before you get too far, she puts you in line with these strong tannins and hints of aged french oak and nutmeg. Like biting into a Brazil nut. But she keeps you on your toes as you realize that there is no oak. It's 100% amphorae aged. 

Kπ Amphorae is a wine you lay in bed at night thinking about.

Producer: Daniel Ramos
Region: Gredos
Country: Spain
Varietal: Garnacha (Spanish for Grenache)
Year: 2015
Cost £16.99
Where: Corks of Cargo
Importer: Raymond Reynolds