F. Schatz 2013 Rosado Z

One of the reasons I love wine so much is that a bottle contains more than just fermented grape juice. It contains thousands of stories. From the people who had a hand in making it and the methods used in the cellar to the history of the vineyard site and the trials & tribulations of the region the vineyard is in.

Though, I think the most important story that a bottle tells is the one that involves you. Why you're drinking that wine, where you are, who you're with, how you're feeling, and where that wine takes you.

When I took a whiff of this wine, I was dropped in a field of strawberries in late summer. It was this full ripe strawberry and raspberry, like when you pick them right off the vine and they are kind of squishy and really dark. Then these hints of rose petal came in with a zing of tangerine zesty goodness.

I pictured that scene from Across The Universe when they take an acid trip in that massive field then stumble upon a circus! It was lively & weird because the taste was the same as the nose, but it had this incredible tannic structure that rosados never have. Oh! And it was long.... Like a good acid trip should be (I'm assuming. I've never dropped acid).

So, if you are going to drop acid (I'm not condoning it), this might be the perfect wine! Or, if you are frolicking in a field in late summer, this is your imbibement.

Producer: Friedrich Schatz
Region: Ronda
Country: Spain
Varietal: Moscatel Negra
Year: 2013
Cost €16.00
Where: Wine Attack, Madrid