London Cru 2014 Crush Barbera

They should call this wine, The Transporter. 

No, not because Jason Statham delivers it to you with a bang & a boom. Because it takes you to the terroir!

First off, it is made by London Cru, the first urban winery in the ye old city of London. But it isn't full of London fog, taxi horns, or dank pubs, it is full of life from the north-west of Italy.

Being that London Cru is an urban winery, they don't have much (read any) room for vines, so they source from great growers around Europe. 

Crush is their 2014 Barbera made with grapes sourced from the organic Cordero Family located in the province of Cuneo in the Piedmont. When I first tasted the wine on a guided tour of the winery, I immediately turned to my mom (#browniepoints) and said, "this tastes like peppery beef jerky and truffles." With a look of, WTF, from my mother, the tour guide redeemed my overly excited assertion with, "the growers also make salami right next to the vineyard & it's surrounded by truffle forest too."

They look on my mother's face then... :‑o

Mind = Blown

It's like I was there, in the vineyard eating homemade salami & truffles recently unearthed, even though I was standing in a former gin distillery turned winery in the heart of London.

Hence, The Transporter

This wine pairs amazingly well with cured meats on a warm spring day after a morning hike through the woods, or a drizzly city day and in need of an escape. 

Producer: London Cru
Region: Piedmont
Country: Italy
Varietal: Barbera
Year: 2014
Production: 3,768 units
Cost £20
Where: At the winery/Winery website