Malaparte Pico Lunar 2015 Syrah

If world domination, or at least dominating your own world, is on the agenda, this is the wine for you.

Think Tony Montana in a bottle. Calm, collect, knows what he wants, will do anything to get it, including spicing things up a lot. This wine, 100% Syrah from central Spain, is soft, supple, yet full bodied with gorgeous dark red fruit and a black pepper spiciness that packs a punch.

It's a wine for life, for those who are manifesting their dreams.

It's patient, I left it open for almost 6 days with just a cork in the bottle and it was as good as when first being opened. Yet it fights for what it wants everyday. Just like Vinos Malaparte's founder, Mariano de Frutos. He started manifesting his dream to make wine in 1996 by planting his first vineyard with Tempranillo. Come 2004, eight years later, he made his first wine, then built a new winery in 2007. He and his team have been hustling ever since.

As Tony said, "The World Is Yours!" You just have to be patient and fight for it. 

So, the next time you're having a business plan meeting, discussing finances, or are "networking," bring a bottle of Pico Lunar along.

Producer: Vinos Malaparte
Region: Castilla y Leon
Country: Spain
Varietal: Syrah
Soil: Limestone
Year: 2015
Production: 1,100 units
Cost €15.00
Where: Wine Attack, Madrid