Finding Your Happy with Amanda Brackett

Finding Your Happy with Amanda Brackett

Amanda Brackett (@soconnwineco) is a winemaker and owner of Southern Connecticut Wine Co. in Wallingford, Connecticut. So Conn Wine Co. is the first urban winery in the entire state.

In this episode Amanda and I converse about her passion for winemaking and how she became a winemaker in Connecticut to how she is working to teach more and more people about wine. She also shares the challenges she has had to overcome not only with government regulation, but the simple fact of her being a female business owner and winemaker.

Before we get into the episode, I want to let you know that there is some background noise that you’ll hear. From ringing phones to the sound of glasses clinking and bottles being moved, they all come with owning a small winery. I wanted to let you know so you aren’t taken by surprise.

In this episode we mention…

Musto Wine Grape Co.
Christina Musto
Southern Connecticut Wine Co. (SoConn Wine Co.)
Women Winemakers of Connecticut
Chamard Vineyards
Kristin Parsons
Ray Ambrose
Frank Renaldi
Slo Down Wines Sexual Chocolate

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