How to be Successful in the Wine World with André Hueston Mack

André Hueston Mack (@youknowmouton) is a Sommelier-at-Large, maker of Mouton Noir Wines, designer behind Get Fraiche Cru, and author of Small Thyme Cooks: coloring & activity book.

The over arching theme in this episode is how to be successful in the wine world. For André, it comes down to two things; showing up and working hard.

André has an amazing story of growing up as an Army brat, moving from place to place every few years to being inspired by the show Frazer to start exploring wine. Yes, the pompousness of Frazer and Niles describing wine lit a curiosity about wine in André’s mind. He tells us the stories behind working in restaurants since he was sixteen to being hired on at The French Laundry and helping to open Per Se in New York while being a minority in the high-end NYC restaurant scene.

The wealth of knowledge that André has about wines is phenomenal, but we don’t dive into the wine side so much as we dig into the interworking’s of life, philosophy, and work. How he started Mouton Noir Wines at, what some perceived as, the top of his wine career as a Wine Director in the Thomas Keller Group to having to hustle, balancing achieving his dreams and keeping money in the bank for his family.

I’m so excited that André is our last episode of 2016! For anyone listening at this time of year (or at any point in time ever), it is a perfect time to reflect on what we want out of life and to recalibrate. It’s also a time to plan for the future while working to become the master of our own time, something that André and I dig into as well.

Thank you to André for taking the time to come on the show and share all of his stories with us. Also, most importantly, thank you to you for listening to this podcast. I look forward to bringing you more amazing stories from the people behind wine in 2017.