How to Experiment with Wine with Chad Stock

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How to Experiment with Wine with Chad Stock

Chad Stock is the winemaker and owner of Craft Wine Co, which produces the labels Minimus Wines, Origin Wines, and Omero Cellars in Carlton, Oregon.

Chad is known for experimenting with many varietals and styles to produce truly unique wines that not only he loves and is proud of, but that push the boundaries of traditional and low intervention winemaking. From Gruner to Grenache and wines with high VA to wines with Brett, Chad embraces change and experimentation across wines.

In this episode, we dig into a lot! We chat about how Chad got into wine initially from a pleasure standpoint, his experience during apprenticeships that brought to light for him the concept on constantly experimenting with wines, how there aren’t any American grape varietals that are uniquely American, and his loathing of mimicking old world styles to make wine that taste just like them.

We then get into one of his favorite subjects being Syrah developing brett and experimenting with brett to make his wine, fittingly named, I Have Brett. Then Chad leaves us with what he wants his legacy for the wine world to be when all is said and done.

He also shares with us an Austrian winemaker that he’s been loving lately and their approach to winemaking.

This episode is jam-packed, it is long, and if you are a winemaker or aspire to be one, you’ll thoroughly enjoy it.

In this episode we mention... 
Minimus Wines 
Craft Wine Co. 
Deirdre Heekin 
La Garagista Farm & Winery 
Real Wine Fair 
Minimus, SM3 Syrah 
Minimus, I Have Brett 
Craft Wine Co. Website 
Omero Wines 
Origin Cellars

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