Add Some Spice to Your Everyday Life with Dalia Ceja

Add Some Spice to Your Everyday Life with Dalia Ceja

Dalia Ceja (@daliaceja), a Latina in love with sharing lifestyle tips and trends focused on fashion, travel, food, drinks, and fiestas.

She’s also the sales and marketing director for her family’s vineyard and winery, Ceja Vineyards. Dalia also has her own wine label called La Tapatia, which she created as a consulting winemaker with Naked Wines.

Dalia and I dig into a lot in this episode from how her grandparents and parents worked in the vineyards with Robert Mondavi and tended the vineyard of the famous To Kalon vineyard to the challenges that she and her mother, the matriarch of the business, have overcome as two Latina women in an industry that is traditionally dominated by European and American males. We also chat about some of the best wine and Mexican food parings, which I made her stop talking about because she was making me too hungry!

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In this episode we mention...

Amelia & Pedro Ceja
Armando & Martha Ceja
Carneros AVA
Ceja Vineyards
Robert Mondavi
To Kalon vineyard
Executive MBA in Wine Business at Sonoma State University
Christina Musto
Morimoto Restaurant
Mexican food and wine pairings
Naked Wines
La Tapatia
Everardo Robledo
Robledo Family Winery
Schramsberg Cremant & Blanc de Blancs

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