David Baeza

David Baeza (@DavidBaeza) is a Harvard Business School educated entrepreneur and marketer. He's worked with companies like Citrix to develop Go To Meeting and Go To Webinar. He's been the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Lynda.com, is an advisor to Treehouse the online education platform, and is now the CEO & Co-Founder of a company called Vine Rangers. His mission with Vine Rangers is to utilize the latest in drone, mobile, cloud, and imaging technology to work with winemakers to help them grow the best possible quality grapes, help them understand why, and do it again the next year. 

You can learn more about Vine Rangers here or with the video below.

In this episode we talk about:
-The story of Vine Rangers
-How technology can improve the winemaking process
-Leveraging drones to gather data for vineyard management
-Vineyards that were apart of Vine Ranger’s pilot program
      -Firestone Vineyards
      -Saarloos + Sons
-Moving farmers from active to re-active in their vineyards
-Vine Pilot: Open in March
-Wine, Tech, and Food Conference: http://wtfconf.com
-Software with open APIs
-By 2030, 80% of all drones will be for agriculture
-How near-infrared works
-The growth of technology in the wine industry à ground drones
-Labor affects from technology entering into the wine industry
-Climate change identified with drones?
-How does the maturation of wine in bottle change with the data from Vine Rangers?
-This changes how people control harvest

Learn more about Vine Rangers here and the Wine, Tech, and Food Conference here