David Baker

David Baker (@dave301) is a writer, filmmaker and interactive media producer living in the Pacific Northwest. He directed American Wine Story is a documentary about the passion and determination of those who pioneer wine in America. 

See the trailer below!

In this episode, we talked about a lot!
-Why make American Wine Story?
-What does it take to be a successful wine grower in the US?
-The Epiphany Bottle
-Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Virginia
-Oregon Wine Country
-Barboursville Winery, Virginia
-Dave Matthews: Blenheim Winery and The Dreaming Tree
-Climate Change affects wine
-Where does the term winegrower come from?
-Smithsonian’s 5 decades of American Wine
-David’s novel Vintage
-His favorite wines: Burgundy Pinot Noir,  Alsatian Rieslings
      -Jean Dietrich, Kiesberg

Watch the movie here and on iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, Playstation, and many others.