How to Grow a Family Owned Winery with David Ramey

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How to Grow a Family Owned Winery with David Ramey

David Ramey is the owner and winemakers of Ramey Wine Cellars based in my new home of Healdsburg, California.

You may have heard of Ramey, or even purchased a few bottles, as it is distributed in almost every market. David has been making wine for 40 odd years in France, Napa, Sonoma, most notably at Chateau Petrus, you’ve probably never heard of that though, Chalk Hill, Matanzas Creek, Rudd Estate, and Dominus in Napa and Sonoma.

In this episode we chat geeky winemaking stuff like total S02 (sulfur dioxide) in wine and native fermentations then we get into how David has grown a family run wine business for decades with production at 40,000 cases from a side project making chardonnay to a multi-million dollar company. We get into the numbers of running a boutique winery, how you should sell your wines, whether direct to consumer or distribution, and what he hopes his legacy looks like.

In this episode we mention... 
Ramey Wine Cellars 
Zelma Long 
Simi Winery 
Matanzas Creek 
Chalk Hill Estate 
Rudd Estate 
Total S02 
David’s Masters Thesis 
Hyde Vineyards 
Sidebar Cellars 
Bobby Stuckey

Wine Recs:
Navarro Gerwtstraminer