The Life & Travels of a Winemaking Ambassador with DLynn Proctor

  photo: DLynn Proctor

photo: DLynn Proctor

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DLynn Proctor (@WineauxDLynnP) is the winemaking ambassador for Penfolds Americas. You may remember DLynn from the movies Somm and Somm: Into the Bottle on Netflix, but in this episode we don’t talk about the movies, but DLynn’s story, who inspired him to become a sommelier in the first place, how he was able to travel the world to learn about wine on other people’s dime as a young somm.

We also dig into the day to day of what being the winemaking ambassador for Penfolds Americas means and how DLynn travels over 300 days per year. He also shares with us stories from working with the legendary Fred Dame and Peter Gago.

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