How to Become a Hedonist with Jeannie Cho Lee MW

Jeannie Cho Lee (@jeanniecholee) is a Master of Wine, a wine writer, critic, professor at the Polytechnic University’s School of Hotel and Tourism Management in Hong Kong, television host, speaker, wine consultant, and designer!

She was so gracious in speaking with me for over an hour about everything from her upbringing and how she got into wine to how to become a hedonist and experience what she calls palate orgasms. We also dig into how she takes wine notes and the value of the 100-point system to her personally to words of advice from Jancis Robinson herself.

Before we get into the show, I want to thank you for listening. You are the reason why I’m able to continue to have influential people like Jeannie come on the show. I’m glad that I’m able to continue to provide you value through this podcast.

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