How to Grow & Sustain a Family Winery with Jody Bogle

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How to Grow & Sustain a Family Winery with Jody Bogle

Jody Bogle is of the third-generation winemakers & Director of Public Relations for Bogle Vineyards in Clarksburg, California.

It all started with converting potato fields into rows of vineyards in a sleepy field in the heart of California. It was during the late 1960s when a bad potato crop pushed the Bogle family to plant those first grapes -- and now, five decades later -- Bogle Vineyards has become one of the world’s most popular wine brands on the market.

An award-winning winery for its sustainability efforts, Bogle Vineyards is setting the industry standard when it comes to responsible growing and wine production. In addition to the Green Medal Leadership Award, Bogle was also honored by the California State Fair for the family’s contribution to the wine industry.

Jody grew up playing and working in the fields with younger brother Warren, but didn’t see a future for herself due to the size of the fledgling winery. She graduated from Linfield College with a BA in English and Secondary Education. While teaching middle school, she worked in the tasting room on weekends until it became clear the winery would be her full time profession. Committing to the family business in 1999, Jody created the Bandwagon wine club and took over management of international sales. Today, Jody enjoys the connection she is able to make with consumers far and wide.

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