The Making of a True Rosé with Lorenza Wine

Melinda Kearney and Michèle Ouellet, the mother-daughter duo behind Lorenza Rosé based in Napa.

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In this episode we dig into the story behind Lorenza, what it was like starting to make rosé eight years ago when the main things on the market were Charles Bieler and his pink Cadillac paving the way, and the dreaded white zin hangover that everyone has experienced at least once in their life!

We also chat about making wine with intentionality from old vines, the rosé trend, what it is like for Melinda to work with wine brands such as Frogs Leap winery and how she applied that experience to Lorenza, and what growing up in Napa was like for Michèle.

I really enjoyed chatting with Melinda and Michèle and look forward to see how Lorenza continues to grow as more people embrace rosé as a wine to drink for any occasion year round.

In this episode we mention...
Lorenza Wine
Mustard’s Grill
Frogs Leap Winery
Raj Parr
Jimmy Hayes
Richard Betts
Charles Bieler
Michèle Instagram: @kissser
Melinda's Instagram: @minzey

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