How to Approach Learning About & Making Wine with Martha Stoumen

Martha Stoumen is a winemaker and viticultralist behind Martha Stoumen wines out of Napa Valley.

In this episode we dig deep into the thinking behind wine as an agricultural product, the work that Martha does in the vineyard, and how she approaches making the best wines she possibly can with inspiration from her love of Italian culture and having worked on a farm in Tuscany.

We then dig into a very enlightening conversation around the ideas of how to learn about wine. Where does it stem from, how do we learn, and how Martha has approached learning about wine from both the experiential and the academic sides.

Then we chat about a topic that Michael Cruse and I had a great conversation around, that being the idea of the terroir of California. What does that mean to Martha, is there even such a thing, and how both history and societal norms play a role in how we define and describe California wine.

I really loved chatting with Martha and will certainly have to have her on the show again to keep exploring her vast amounts of knowledge of wine.