What it Takes to Start A Wine Label with Michael Villas

Michael Villas is an advanced sommelier and co-founder of the wine labels Penville and Maison d’Amis. Penville makes Rhone style Grenache from the Santa Barbara region in California and Maison d’Amis makes Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. You can connect with Michael on Instagram @mcvillas.

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In this episode we talk about…
-His child growing up in wine country, what family life is like, and where he is living now
-How he first got into wine by working in restaurants with Michael Mina and at Studio at the Montage
-The best advice that his mentors and Master Sommelier friends have given him
-What Penville and Maison d’Amis do and how they got started.
-Working with Stolpman Vineyards
-Working with Steve Matthiasson at his winery
-What it takes to start a winery/wine label, let alone start two at the same time
-How he has fostered relationships in order to sell wine, including those with Michelin Star restaurant Atelier Crenn and Petit Crenn.
-How social media has been a catalyst for the growth of both wine labels
-His advice to those wanting to become a sommelier
-And his advice to those who want to start a wine label
-What he is grateful for lately
-And the two Chenin Blancs that are absolutely electric right now

You can learn more about Penville here, Maison d’Amis here, and connect with Michael on Instagram here.