How to Create a True Wine Experience with Noah Dorrance

Noah Dorrance is the co-founder & chief winemaker of Reeve Wines based in Dry Creek Valley, California.

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In this episode, Noah shares his story of how he first got into wine. How going from college to Europe changed his life and how seizing opportunities in down times created a launch pad for other ventures. We dig into the founding of Banshee Wines, Noah’s first wine label. He shares with us how Banshee was able to grow quickly over short period of time with a focus on creating high quality products that have great value.

Then, Noah shares with us the conception and birth of Reeve Wines, his current business, based in Dry Creek Valley. Why a focus on sourcing from Anderson Valley was a new step and how putting in the time to create a deep, experiential encounter with the wines and the brand is not only great for business, but creates a true connection and wine experience for guests.

In this episode we mention...
Reeve Wines
Brown Derby Wine Cellars
Cherry Street Wine Cellars, Paul Vernon
Banshee Wines
Kiser Vineyards
2008 Copain Kiser “En Haut”
Reeve Pinot Noir
Reeve, Sangiovese
Ross Cobb
Katy Wilson
The Reeve Villa
Adrien Valenzuela, @adrien_v11
Noah Dorrance, @noahdorrance on Instagram
Reeve Wines, @reevewines on Instagram
Rootdown Pinot Blanc, Mike Lucia
Krater Gamay, Barsotti Vineyard, El Dorado