Peter Shakeshaft

Peter Shakeshaft (@PRShakeshaft) is the founder and CEO of Vin-X. A qualified corporate financier, Peter’s career spans twenty years in the Financial Services industry where he founded and led a group which grew sales to over £100 million.

-Wine lover and Wine collector
-Trained corporate financier
-Has 9 companies that he oversees
-After 2008, friends were asking him what he was investing in, and he said his wine collection.
-Vin-x turns about 5 million pounds per year
-Fine wine, somewhere along the line, has to be streamlined
-Fine wine is an asset class
-Wine is a great asset class, because the investor gets a tangible asset
-The biggest drawback with fine wine investment is the regulation behind it
-The Wine Investment Association: working to bring standards and respect to the wine investment industry.
-The private investor at the end of the day has to have faith that their wine is going to be safe
-Mazars: top six auditing firm that is used by the Wine Investment Association
-Is it worth our while to regulate the fine wine investment industry? Yes.
-Hugo Rose: Ex-chairman of the Institute of Masters of Wine and on the board of directors of the Wine Investment Association
-The future of the association has to have independent, self-regulation
-Investing in fine wine is a mid to long-term investment
-Peter’s favorite wine:
      -Chateau Troplong Mondot: Saint-Émillion

Learn more about Peter and Vin-X here!

Here is a great video of Peter being interviewed for the IBT talking more about fine wine as an asset class.