Philip Staveley

Philip Staveley (@StaveleyPhilip) is a director at Amphora Portfolio Management, a bespoke wine investment business advising private investors. Philip graduated from St. Andrews in 1980, has worked in Hong Kong and London as an Asian equities broker, and built the first ever composite Global Emerging Markets distribution platform for Deutsche Bank. He is a fine wine investor himself and loves sharing wine with others. 

In this episode, we talk about:
-Why he got into fine wine investment
-What Amphora Portfolio is
-The fine wine market place
-Definition of fine wine
-Fine wine is a mini stock market
-The Bordeaux Boom
-Why people invest
-Taxes of investing in fine wine
-How investing in fine wine started
-Pricing differences between wines
-The en primeur problem
-Who invests in fine wine?
-The right price for wine
-Alex Ferguson’s collection
-A unified exchange
-Wine Owners
-The best way to sell
-Attraction to fine wine
-His favorite wines:
      -Chateau Montrose 2003
      -2000 Y from Chateau d’Yquem
      -Chateau Beaumont 2009
-You cannot drink your investment

If you are considering investing in fine wine, visit Amphora Portfolio Management at and tell them you heard about them from the Cru Podcast.