Exploring the Business of Importing Wine with Vine Connections

Exploring the Business of Importing Wine with Vine Connections

Nick Ramkowsky and Ed Lehrman are co-founders of Vine Connections, a wine import company that was the first company to import Argentine wines to the US.

In this episode with Nick and Ed, we dig into the story of Vine Connections, how it got started with a trip to Argentina, and they paint a picture of what they found down there in the early '90's. We then get into the business side of things, like what is their process of selecting wineries to work with in their portfolio, which is very small consisting of wines and sake from Argentina, Chile, Japan, and California. Then how do they approach marketing a new wine or sake to the market, what the pillars are that set the standard of how they do business, and how they work with producers like Chad Melville, who is relatively well known in the industry, but outside of the industry, many people have never heard of him and the Santa Rita Hills.

In this episode, we dig into a lot! We chat about how Chad got into wI really enjoyed chatting with Nick & Ed. I learned so much about importing wine, marketing a new product, and gained insight to the culture of a great wine company.

In this episode we mention... 
Vine Connections 
North Berkeley Wine Company 
Passport Wine Club 
Bushido Way of the Warrior Sake 
Santa Rita Hills 
Bordelet Pear Cider 
1964 Lopez de Heredia Blanco 
Casarena Owens Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon